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What Are The Main Reasons To Buy A Lean Abs Machine?
It's a unique and excellent Abdominal and Obliques exerciser that is enjoyable and easy to use.
For the 11 great toning and fitness level leg exercises.
It's a small compact full body exerciser that's great for full body fitness, body building and circuit training routines.

Do Professionals And Body Builders Really Use It And Benefit From Using It?
Many bodybuilding contest winners do use the Lean Abs Machine on a regular basis and find it to seriously strengthen and develop great looking abs and obliques.

Can Beginners Use It?
Most beginners can use it and enjoy it because it can be set on beginner levels. Just use the Rubber Tension Weights between the Motion Arm and the Base Frame for assistance during Ab exercises which will help return the exerciser to the standing position. A beginner also may choose a lesser degree of lean by adjusting the Motion Arm upwards.

How Long Will The Rubber Tension Weights Last?
The time may varies according to the amount of use they get. They are common parts and extras or replacements can be bought on our Accessories Page. They are guaranteed for 1 year. If they weaken or break within 1 year we will replace them at no charge.

What Is The Maximum User Weight Capacity?
Our company safety rating is 300 pounds max user capacity on the leaning exercises. For all of the other exercises that do not require the body weight to lean against the Motion Arm there is no user weight limit.

What Height Must I Be To Use The Lean Abs Machine?
A user may range in height from 5' to 6'6". People shorter than 4'8" will not be able to get a deep enough lean for the body weight to offer enough resistance to resist the abdominal muscles during Abdominal Lean exercises. Users shorter than 5' can place the Rubber Tension Weights between the Motion Arm and the Removable Tension Arm on the front of the exerciser to acquire the abdominal resistance necessary to provide a great abdominal workout.

What IF I Find That This Exerciser Is Not For Me?
We doubt that that will happen but if so just call us within 30 days of your receipt of the product and we will issue you a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Then all you do is put it back in the box and secure it with tape which is very easy and send it back to our return center. We will refund you the full purchase price minus any shipping and handling charges.

Why Is This Abdominal Exerciser Better Than Others?
Because it causes the muscles to fully stretch and engage with resistance during the lean out and return. It also offers many variations of assistance or resistance levels for all levels of users. The exercise is actually fun and not boring. It is convenient to just step up grab a set of handles and lean out and return. Each rep of the exercise takes only 2 seconds to complete. Besides, what other abdominal exerciser offers over 40 quality exercises?

Do You Have A Question For Us?
Just Send Your Questions To:
A Lean Abs Professional