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These are just a few of the great comments that we receive on this Abdominal Exerciser Full Body Home Gym. We know that once you try this Ab Exerciser, Leg Exerciser, Chest Exerciser, Arm Exerciser, Shoulder Exerciser, Strength and Circuit Trainer, for yourself you will find out that this is a fantastic Full Body Exercise Machine.

It is used in homes, gyms, group sessions and in rehabilitation clinics.

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    Radio Show posted 12/15/06

    "This machine is a must for serious Fitness enthusiasts and Personal Trainers a like. I luv it! The resistance feels fantastic and the possibilities are massive! - Andrew Shortt C.F.P."

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    02/15/09 Hi,

    I have been using your machine for about two years and have gotten great results. I like to do a variation of HIT training striving to reach failure on many of the exercises.


    Maurice Chartrand, CFP
    Sun Life Financial
    1550 Carling Ave Suite 202
    Ottawa, ON K1Z 8S8
    Bus: (613) 667-9400
    Fax: (613) 667-1888
    Cell: (613) 292-7281

    01/10/08 Thanks Jay,
    Nice to hear from you again. I'LL try your suggested routine. I know it is going to burn but I'll do it if you suggest it! I alway use it when I'm working legs because I find the Reverse Angled Squat, Angled Leg Extension, and Angled Calf Raises to be strict and works well with the body machanics.

    Lean Larry

    01/10/08 ""

    to LEAN

    I just wanted to let you know that after a year of using the Lean Abs machine I have been very pleased with it's versatility and how it challenges the abdominals without the overcompensation of the hip flexors! I love the Squat motion which is easy to perform at various speeds along with Isometric holds. To hit the Quads hard try this routine: Squat 15x then hold a 1/2 squat for 30-60 sec then immediately squat 15x If the resistance is correct the Burn should be incredible

    Any way Thanks for a great product!!!!

    Jay Garrison
    ONE on ONE Fitness

    On 2/19/07, Scott Wheeler wrote:

    Dear Larry,
    I received my Lean Abs Machine today. I appreciate your assistance and thoughtfulness. I was not charged any import taxes or duties, so once again thanks. I have not yet tried it out but am already impressed with the quality of workmanship. I'm sure my clients will agree and so expect to sell more Lean Abs Machines to Australia in the future.

    Once again,
    sincere thanks for your help. Scott Wheeler

    Adrian Birkby From Wales - 1/19/07
    to LEAN

    Wow dude! Awesome machine. I hoped that the lever would smooth out the rubber resistance, it does very well. The stuff dreams are made of! I didn't notice the lat bar or bicep bar attachments on your site. Will standard cable machine versions work? How does the lat bar attach? Perhaps I can bluff it with some random bit of stuff.



    Thank you for the great word on the equipment. I going to post that on the site.

    You are welcome to use common attachments. I don't connect the lat bar I I reverse the handles and place it behind them on lat work or you can place them against the handles for wide grip chest and shoulder presses.

    You can get real creative with the exercises. I do over the head triceps extensions with the wrist curl attachment. I put the arm in the low position tension arm flipped back and then I stand straddling the motion arm on the footplate facing the front. Try it you will like it.

    1/8/07 Comment From Abs Book Author and Fitness Equipment Reviewer.
    Nick Nilsson
    BetterU, Inc.

    Definitely! Great piece of equipment with plenty of different movement patterns.

    I'll keep you posted as I work with it some more!


    On 12/31/06, ASHORTT <> wrote:

    Just got it yesterday afternoon and thanx! Review is already half written, Johnston had a read through and thought it was a good adjunct to his. I purchased a basic hockey bag with wheels at one end and handle at opposite end (they are all the rage here with Canuck kids ;^) Anyway the whole machine comes apart and transports in that one bag. I call it my...yes - 'Gym Bag'. I ran through some exercises and I am taking photo's early next week as I bring it around to show clients. Talk to you soon.


    On 11/30/06, <> wrote:
    It came on wed after I had already left to work so I just got it together and worked on it today I will probably be very sore tomorrow since I tried every leg and ab exercise along with demonstrating it for several clients!!! It is an outstanding Abdominal machine very challenging and functional since you can add resistance without involving the hip flexor which usually overrides the abs But the surprising favorite was the squat (regular & single leg) and the front squat with a superset of chest press which was smooth and effective I was able to use the squat with a couple of clients that can only do ball squats which is hard or impossible to add resistance for them but I could do it with this machine

    11/24/06 Brian Johnston
    Now available is a six-page review of the Lean Abs Machine, a highly diverse and quality training machine that offers chest presses, shoulder raises, ab crunches, squats, rows, and dozens of other exercises. A great feeling machine at a great price, this product is beneficial for in-home trainees, but also personal trainers on the go. Visit our product reviews section at: Date Nov 16, 2006 8:40 AM
    Subject Lean Abs Machine

    Larry...Just a note to say I'm glad I met you at the club Ind Show in chicago and learned about your Lean Abs Machine. I have been selling fitness equipment for 7 years and this is by far the most effective ab workout I've come across. It's been less than 3 weeks since I started using mine (2 times a day @18-20 reps each time) and several people have commented on my slimming at the waist. the ab stretch is the only exercise I've tried so far but I'm about to start trying the other exercises. Now that I've proven to myself how well the Lean Abs Machine works I can"t wait to sell it to my customers. Thanks for a GREAT invention.
    Ron Miller.....manager
    Exercise Equipment Inc
    5500 Steubenville Pike
    McKees Rocks, Pa 15136
    fax 412-747-0112

    Hey There Lean Larry - I really enjoyed your instructional video and am especially enjoying the LEAN ABS MACHINE. It allows me to work out here at home on my own time schedule.

    Obviously, I have just begun the workouts, but love the portability and the number of different workouts that this offers me. As you told Tom, it's a matter of learning what positions go with what exercises - after's up to you! ( or!)

    I used a little WD-40 on the connections to make it easier to change the pad around. I imagine this will become easier as I use it, but this really helped me stay with your instructional video. I am interested in overall toning, AND washboard abs! Do you have any "inside tips" to help me attain this?

    By the way, I showed my daughter the chart and the machine - she was pretty intrigued as a single mother of two young gals. It's hard for her to get out to exercise and this would be a great fit for her!

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I do have to say that the machine is a unique arrangement of iron... compact and durable, yet you can really feel that it will deliver the results. Isn't that what we all want? Take care and many thanks. Alice :)
    aka Soon to be: Lean and Mean Alice...LOL

    Hey Lean Alice,

    Thank you for your email. I am excited to find out that you are enjoying your workouts on the Lean Abs Machine.

    If you want to use it for strength and circuit training then just do your best to learn the Basic 6 exercises which only take about 4 minutes to go through. Do those 2 times through, then as you become stronger you can do them 3 times through before you move on to the Quick 9 Upper Body exercises. Try doing the exercises without changing the handle at all. We shot the Instructional, and the Circuit Training DVD in 2004, we have since realized that it is unnecessary to change the handle at all during that segment. For the Obliques Lean exercise stand to the side and one hand should be on the opposite handle with your forearm on the cushion and hold the bottom corner of the pad with the other hand. If you are not currently strong enough to extend your arms up and out then just curve your body down and up for an excellent Standing Obliques Crunch. You may also elect not to extend your arm up and out on the Abdominal Lean exercise by simply doing the Standing Crunch Exercise by rolling your shoulders down and hunching your upper back and return to the starting position. You may add Front and Side Lunges and Leg Extensions to the Basic 6 making it 9 movements before you move into the Quick 9 Upper Body Exercises.

    Don't let your exercise routines become boring. Once you know the machine well enough, mix it up some and throw in some Inner and Outer Thigh exercises with some Butt Kicks. I have noticed that the ladies in the group classes like the instructor to cut back on the upper body exercises and put in more lower body movements.

    The Circuit Training DVD was intended to help get the exerciser started; once you have been doing it for 2 - 3 weeks you should be able to move a little faster than the DVD and get in another full set.

    Make sure that you are using proper form and getting a full range of motion with each exercise.

    The Healthy Eating Plan included is a great suggested eating plan. If you can utilize those simple suggestions you will be amazed at your results.

    The Handles may be a little tight because it is new. It will loosen up a little for you soon.

    Keep up the good work outs and keep in touch!


    Cheryl Nunez - "Its amazing how many exercises I can get done on one little machine!"

    Dianne Feaster - "I work abs on it and I love it for the great leg exercises. I get great leg workouts on it."

    Donna Russell - "I love the quick change circuit training routines. I just work out along with the circuit training DVD. Hey, it's a fun yet complete and serious workout."

    Mike Cadman, Jr. - "It's the best Ab Machine I ever worked out on."

    Julie - "It was simple to assemble. It just took me 15 minutes and that included taking it out of the box. All I had to do is use the supplied wrench and put the four bolts into the cushion, place 2 end caps on, slide the Footplate into the Base Frame and it was done."

    Louis Shirley - "My wife and I both love to train our abs on it."

    Carla - "I hate aerobic classes but I love the Lean Abs Circuit Training Routines and that's why I now lead a group class at Fitness 2000."

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