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The Poster, Instructional and Circuit Training DVD were produced in 2004 and we now realize that it is unnecessary to change the handle position for Obliques Lean exercises.

Try the waist bend out exercise for lower abs which is a great substitute for hanging ab sling and vertical knee raise exercises. Also, be sure to finalize the Obliques Lean Exercise with a side crunch. Beginners, elderly, and people with arm or shoulder problems do not have to lift their arms up and out, they my choose to just do the leaning Obliques Side Crunch (some ladies have a problem with extending their arms up and out because it requires a lot of shoulder and arm strength to do it).

The exercises of the Lean Abs Machine are enjoyable. Let us put some fun into your exercise program.

Ob.Ln.As.900.Ins.mx.j.jpg An Unbelievable And Absolutely the Best Oblique Exercise That You Have Ever Done Or Experienced! This Exercise Stretches the Full Side Obliques Entirely And Contracts Them Fully On The Return and Standing Side Crunch That Finalizes The Exercise.

This Exercise Is Also Great For Strengthening Shoulders, Upper Back And Lat Muscles.